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Download the LUT I made, SLog>Nice

I was pleased with the look I made when grading the web-series 'Here We Wait', partly because I'd initially battled with the colours from the ungraded Sony footage and didn't really like the results from the official LUTs or transforms I tried.

Most of the series had a lot more going on than what's incorporated into this LUT but I found it's an interesting starting point when applied to Log material to get it to a stylised, 'nice' look in Rec709.

I've made the LUT available to download, near the top of my Blog page. Give it a try, perhaps with a primary grade before the LUT. As part of this look it gives the highlights a cyan tint which I didn't always want, so you might want to swing the grade underneath this a little warmer (or add a node to adjust the highlights only). As an exercise in entrepreneurialism, I've made it easy for you to buy me a coffee with PayPal if you like it! Tweet me @dickij10

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