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Bespoke Classroom Training

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Over the last five or six years I've delivered dozens of classroom training courses, mostly on colour grading and DaVinci Resolve. You learn the fundamentals of colour grading, using scopes etc. and you learn Resolve from the Color Page outwards.

I've taught these Colour 101 and 201 courses in London, New York city, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington DC and I hope to add to this list soon.

One thing I make a point of doing on all these courses is to draw people's attention to useful resources on the internet and the websites I always mention are listed below:

BMD Master Trainer DR 18_WHIITE0001.png
FUSION15-EN-TRAINER_CertGenericBlue_2019  (affiliate link) 

Fantastic training site which includes a huge, searchable catalogue of video and audio "Insights" about colour grading. I'm a guest contributor here so you can find several Insights from me - mine are mostly about Fusion. 

Ask me if you want a discount code.

YouTube is full of tutorials for colour grading - Darren's channel is better than all of them!

Flanders Scientific. Great grading monitors.

Great info about LUTs and monitor calibration. Industry standard calibration software. - Phil Crawley knows his stuff. All things calibration, colour and broadcast tech. - Great articles and podcasts on vfx including colour grading Steve Yedlin - I don't know him but he's a DP who's done amazing work on Star Wars, Knives Out, among others and he's very clever and helpful on twitter.

Thanks to Nick Shaw for this excellent resource, a guide to the different EOTFs, OETFs and Gamuts for cameras, displays and working spaces.


Simon Ubsdell

Really great in-depth videos on Fusion, including essential background for compositing and video/colour theory.

Sooo many excellent tips form Cullen! 

Colour Grading & DaVinci Resolve

I've taught this course dozens of times in various cities in the USA, usually as a mix of in-person and remotely connected. Now that I'm back in England and have been teaching for Blackmagic Design using Zoom, I'm offering my course again - at a fraction of the price it used to be charged at.   

The course will run at 2pm GMT(UK)/9am ET (USA) November 9th 2020 over Zoom. 

  • Hands-on and interactive, it's the course I developed and taught to editors at HBO, NBC and many others.

  • It's an intensive intro to both colour grading and to Resolve - you learn Resolve from the colour page outwards.

  • I'll demystify all the terms, talk about scopes, codecs, LUTs, levels, order of operations, etc. We'll also talk about the creative side and go through the entire workflow on a short film.

  • We get into some advanced colour grading techniques by the end of it. Pretty much everything under the Colour menu. 

  •  Ideal for an editor, motion designer, director of photography or director who wants a really good grounding in both colour grading and DaVinci Resolve. 

If you're interested in this complete, intensive three-day Colour Grading & DaVinci Resolve please get in touch either via twitter or though the website. Click here for course summary. More details on request.

Any suggestions or requests for shorter, more general Resolve courses please let me know​ and I'll set something up.

Past courses;

1 day Intro To Fusion

[UPDATE UPDATE: The course ran very successfully on Nov 9th. I can arrange another one in a few months time...!]

A great way to get started with compositing and graphics using the amazing Fusion software. Start learning to use the power of the Fusion Page in DaVinci Resolve. 

I’ve taught a version of this course to students here in the UK and it’s a great selection of topics to get people started on using Fusion. You’ll be able to follow along and ask questions as we go, it should be a lot of fun!

TIME: May 14th, 9am EDT (USA) / 2pm BST (UK)


The topics on this course have been selected to provide a solid understanding  of the main concepts in Blackmagic Design Fusion. 

Lesson 1 

    ●  Conform exercises into Resolve/Fusion. 

    ●  Fundamentals of compositing, RGB+Alpha, premultiplied vs straight. 

    ●  Basic Fusion; the UI layout, nodes in Fusion, Merge nodes

    ●  Keyframing & animating text 

    ●  Paint removals with Planar Tracker 

    ●  Locked-off screen insert example 

Lesson 2 

    ●  1 and 2 point tracking 

    ●  Green-screen with static background 

    ●  Tracking and sky replacement 

    ●  Tracking moving screen inserts 

    ●  Refining and combining mattes/keys 

Lesson 3 

    ●  Working with 3D text, 3D shapes, materials, lights 

    ●  3D Camera tracking, for sky replacement 

    ●  Adding particles and 3D elements 

    ●  3D Camera tracking screen insert 

Numbers will be limited. Get in touch now for more details.


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