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12 May 2020

If you've ever had to create a load of end cards or lower 3rds for an edit, then you'll appreciate any tool which can make that process easier and more automatic.

I've finally written a program in Python - and it even works, for the most part so I'm quite pleased with m...

9 May 2020

I was trying to make a tool which would make a rectangle behind a text element and automatically scale the rectangle as you add more characters in the text.

I ended up making two, in slightly different ways - one for a single line with centre justified text (y...

30 Apr 2020

As of Resolve 16.2 you can now put appropriate .setting files into the Generators directory and these will then be available for use in the Edit Page. I've made a Macro in Fusion which can be used in this way for a custom Safe Area guide. Obviously using this kind of S...

27 Apr 2020

One of the problems I've had with Fusion is creating animations with a lot of nodes which need to animate in sequence. This is the kind of thing which is easily done in After Effects but it's something I've had trouble with in Fusion. 

You can use the Keyframe or Spline...

14 Apr 2020

Here's a not-quite-so-neat way to make a grid of pictures in Fusion. Paste this Macro (below) after your Loader or MediaIn node, adjust the Number of Pictures and then copy/paste it again after all the other MediaIn nodes. You can save it as a .setting use it as a Macr...

4 Apr 2020

I've been trying to get my head around creating these... It's one thing to make a Fusion transition but to make one so that you can trim the duration is trickier, unless I'm missing something.

So here's a couple... You can add a standard Fusion Cross Dissolve Transition...

30 Mar 2019

If you have one line of text the you get the Single height rectangle behind the text, two lines of text and this will automatically fade up the larger Double.

You need to feed your text into this setting and also drag it into the "Image To Probe" on the MergeDouble>Modi...

27 Jan 2019

Bouncing with an attempt at decay, driven by four numbers in a Custom Tool (put this in the 'Centre X Y of a Transform for example)

Point((time*CustomTool1.NumberIn3), abs(sin(time*CustomTool1.NumberIn1)*(CustomTool1.NumberIn2/(CustomTool1.NumberIn4*time))) +CustomTool1...

15 Nov 2018

I've put some things on Vimeo and some on YouTube, I can't decide which is a better place for them.

4 Sep 2018

I've done end credits several different ways and I think the best way is to give your client a .rtf or Word template that has two columns, a Left Hand Side and a Right Hand Side. That way you can easily select everything on the left and format it one way (e.g. bold) an...

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