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30 Mar 2019

If you have one line of text the you get the Single height rectangle behind the text, two lines of text and this will automatically fade up the larger Double.

You need to feed your text into this setting and also drag it into the "Image To Probe" on the MergeDouble>Modi...

27 Jan 2019

Bouncing with an attempt at decay, driven by four numbers in a Custom Tool (put this in the 'Centre X Y of a Transform for example)

Point((time*CustomTool1.NumberIn3), abs(sin(time*CustomTool1.NumberIn1)*(CustomTool1.NumberIn2/(CustomTool1.NumberIn4*time))) +CustomTool1...

15 Nov 2018

I've put some things on Vimeo and some on YouTube, I can't decide which is a better place for them.

4 Sep 2018

I've done end credits several different ways and I think the best way is to give your client a .rtf or Word template that has two columns, a Left Hand Side and a Right Hand Side. That way you can easily select everything on the left and format it one way (e.g. bold) an...

24 Mar 2018

I was messing about with expressions in After Effects a while ago and this week I saw two people online talking about something similar to this, so I thought I'd post the expressions here...

Basically, you start with one layer in a comp, then add these expressions to po...

19 Oct 2017

I was pleased with the look I made when grading the web-series 'Here We Wait', partly because I'd initially battled with the colours from the ungraded Sony footage and didn't really like the results from the official LUTs or transforms I tried.

Most of the series had a...

11 Mar 2017

When I decided to set up a little grading system a while ago, I started with a used iMac which someone had offered to me at a good price. I realised that if I invested in a really good monitor to go with it I could actually do some professional level grading from home...

24 Dec 2016

Quick run-through of my workflow for compositing using Black Magic Design Fusion using the Fusion Connect feature from within DaVinci Resolve. Many thanks to for the clips from the great webseries "Here We Wait". 
Let me know if you find t...

23 Sep 2016

This is a quick and rather unscientific test to show how different colour grading applications behave when using that most basic if tools, the gain control. (There's no audio or v.o. on this test)

This is a follow up to a discovery I made when using DaVinci Resolve...

11 Sep 2016

I thought I'd try doing a tutorial... I've been using SGO Mistika and have also downloaded the companion compositing software from SGO called MambaFX . As a way to show how the interface works, I thought I'd try making a 'light wrap' effect.

This might not be the best w...

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