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Quantel Rio V4 run-through

Those nice folks at Snell Advanced Media - SAM, formerly Quantel and Snell - were kind enough to loan me a license for Quantel Rio V4 (Rio Assist) so I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial for anyone who isn't familiar with what the Rio does.

Quantel Rio is the new name for what essentially used to be Quantel Pablo, the grading and finishing system. It got a new name when they moved away from Quantel hardware to Nvidia GPUs. I used to use the Pablo and, from what I've seen of the fully configured Rio, the Rio is MUCH better.

I've now got the software-only Rio Assist running on my ageing office PC (I had to spend $130 on upgrading the CUDA card) and I'm surprised at how well it works. I'm not trying to get real-time 4K or anything like that - the full Rio will happily do 8K though.

Apologies for the sound on this video, I need a better mic if I'm to do any more of these! I hope to go into a bit more detail on some of this at some point as I was too quick to skim over a few features which are pretty cool and deserve more explanation. Any questions or comments, please give me a shout! Twitter is good ( @dickij10 ), or email through my website.

(Many thanks to Tracey at for the use of her rather excellent short film! Sorry, I don't know where I found the greenscreen girl though.)

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