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Workflow tip - tweaking a roundtrip render

I think the way the 'round trip' workflow, rendering all the clips in a grade from DaVinci Resolve to an NLE is really handy. I'm more used to just finishing in the same system I graded on but that isn't always possible so renering out the individual graded clips and importing the whole timeline into FCP, Premiere Pro, Avid, whatever (probably the same editor which was used in the offline edit) can be really useful.

If you need to make a simple alteration to the grade, Resolve has a function which allows this. I was in the process of recording this quick tip when I came accross what seems to be a bug in Resolve 12b2. It's a beta so hopefully it'll get fixed before the final release. The bug appeared when I tried to render a clip and it simply didn't do anything. The only way I could make it render the clip was to go and delete the cache on the selected clip - which is silly because I hadn't sett it to cache anyway so it may have been blind luck that it worked after that!

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