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Cross-Atlantic grading

Someone just asked me about 'cross-Atlantic' grading... Is it possible for me to colour grade a job here in the USA if my client is in England, for instance?

Well yes, it is possible. I recently did a job for some people in New York City. We used email, we used FedEx to get the camera rushes to me, and WeTransfer to view versions of the key parts of the grade and FedEx to send the final back. The clients could have been anywhere!

The obvious benefit of working like this is cost. The overheads are way less than if I had to maintain a client-freindly post production facility... The downside is, to a certain extent, speed. There's a potential delay in getting the rushes delivered to me and there's time spent in sending versions of key scenes and shots for approval. As a client, this may suite your time scales and budget, it may not.

“Good, fast, cheap - pick any two”… Well I can do “good" and I can do “cheap” (I prefer “in-expensive”). I just can’t really do “fast” - which isn’t necessarily a problem.

If 100% accuracy is needed during approval, there's also the possibility of using the ‘Remote Grading’ feature in DaVinci Resolve which allows me to grade from here while the client watches on a Resolve system (and reference monitor) elsewhere. I’ve not tried that yet but if it suits the job then great!

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