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Old School. New Kit.

Becuase I was trained at the BBC - I was at Wood Norton back in the day - there are certain things I've come to expect and to rely upon when working on a professional colour grade or even editing or doing motion graphics. I'm used to working with a long list of what used to be very expensive and specialised equipment.

I'm old school. I'm used to using an external waveform monitor which can display a luma waveform, a vectorscope, RGB parade, etc.; proper PPM/VU audio meters, calibrated monitors which may require lining up with a special probe attached to them... the list goes on. Just those few items used to cost around £45,000. That's without the actual kit which I was working on, like a 3 machine edit, a DVE, Abekas disc recoder, telecine or whatever.

What's exciting is that the vast majority of this extra monitoring kit can now be included in a monitor which is way, way better than the old CRT displays and is way, way cheaper - the Flanders Scientific CM250 OLED monitor is a perfect example of how I can use new technology, new kit and still work old school, when it comes to quality monitoring.


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